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How does a man love more than one women?

I've been unofficially dating this guy for a while and he tells me all the time how much he loves me. One night I looked in his phone and he's been saying it to not only me but at least 2/3 other girls. I asked him if he ever really loved me in the first place and he assures me he does. What I don't understand is how does he love me if he loves them too.

Now I already left him alone so I don't wanna hear anything about how to handle the situation, I just need to know, if possible at all, how can u truly fall in love with more than one girl %26amp; could that boy ever really commit to one girl. %26amp;%26amp; why does he have to get his love from so many places.? I'm just lost and confused . Please I really need serious answer !!!How does a man love more than one women?Obviously he doesn't know right now what he wants. He definitely at this point in his life has commitment phobia and is not able to be in one monogamous relationship. Maybe he is emotionally not mature enough and he is a player. Some guys are players for a long time until they become emotionally mature.. for some that can be when they are 30.. some take a long time and then one day he may be able to really feel he can commit and settle down and really love one person. I don't believe it's possible to love more than one woman.. of course one can love ones sister and ones daughter (if one is a father) and ones mother.. but one loves them all in different ways.. there are different kinds of love but the romantic love one feels for a woman who is ''the woman'' in a guys life.. I am sure once a man is ready to commit, then he can only love one woman in that particular way, whilst of course he can still love his family and friends in different ways always..but this guy is most likely ''infatuated by you all. He feels an attraction to you but he also feels that same attraction to 2 or 3 other girls and that can happen.. to be infatuated.. that means he thinks he is in love but he is more in love with the feeling of being in love and he finds all of you physically attractive and in your different ways all of you give off a spark... to him so that he feels that attraction is there, but it's not genuine love.. because it's great and important to feel a spark and to be attracted to each other but he will only know that he is in love with someone when he also feels respect and mutual trust and that is not happening.. so he is not able to commit for quite a while and you did right to let him go .. because you are worthy of finding someone who gives all his love and attention to just you and not split it between you and others.xHow does a man love more than one women?
Do u thnk dis is LOVE???

I dont thnk so... not even infatuation...

He's just flirting... And if a guy wants to flirt he can do dat with 10 15 gurls at a tym...

So y r u lost n confused bout it...?

Buddy!!! Just get thngs clear in ur head...How does a man love more than one women?Good that you left him. Anyone if they really love a person truly they cant think about others to love.How does a man love more than one women?
Old line. Its crap. A player loves no one but the game. He wanted his cake and to eat it to that's all. He didn't know the meaning of love. Only lust. Real love is between 2 people. No one else is needed. Or wanted in real love. Real love wouldn't cheat, lie, betray, or play with your heart. Don't let him fool ya babe. He was a pig. But most people that are pigs can't admit it. So they say stupid stuff like I love you all, or its not what it looks like, or why are you going through my phone? Wouldn't it just be easier for them to say ya know what, I'm an ****. I am sorry I hurt you. I do care about you and I will only cause you pain. Goodbye and maybe someday we can look back at this as friends and smile. Course would be even better if they wouldn't cheat in the first place but I'm tryin to be a realist...How does a man love more than one women?First of all this boy did NOT "truly" love you. He is a want to be player. A player will tell you "Yes I truly loved you because that is part of the game. The more convincing the better the player.

To answer your question though it is not only men that can love more than one person at a time and it can happen quite easily example:

A man and woman love each other very very much, but are separated by war. The woman is wrongfully notified that her man is killed in battle. She mets another man and falls in love with him, they marry and even possible have children.

Five years later her first love returns from war having been a P.O.W. (prisoner of war). Her feelings for this man never died therefore she loves him just as much as she loves her husband. It is a horrible position to be in. She would more than likely feel she was betraying both men.

Now does that sound anything like what this boy of yours was like? You did the very best thing not only for yourself Hon, but for him too. By leaving him alone you expressed your self love, worth and respect with flying colors. You also taught dingbat boy that his actions and behavior is not acceptable to a strong young lady like yourself. If enough ladies do so to him he will eventually get the message or live a very lonely life that would be well deserved.

What should I do in this kind of situation with one night stand.?

like this guy and i asked one of his friends if he likes me, a close friend and he said anthony feels a connection with you seem to say this passionate feeling is too do with past lives. Which means these loving feelings he feels for you are feelings and images from a past life when the two of you were together.

Does that mean he likes me? Then i was told to go slow with him bc women have taken advantage of him, he was hurt very badly. What does this hole thing mean?What should I do in this kind of situation with one night stand.?he sounds like a sensative guyWhat should I do in this kind of situation with one night stand.?Here's what it means... he's just not that into you.

How can I legally obtain this song? (Say You Don't Want It by One Night Only)?

I am looking for a song by the British indie rock band One Night Only called Say You Don't Want It. The music video has Emma Watson in it, since she's dating/good friends with the lead singer, George Craig. I can't find this song on iTunes or, but I really love the song and want to buy it legally. Help? :)How can I legally obtain this song? (Say You Don't Want It by One Night Only)?ACTUALLY to correct the other person, it comes out on itunes on August 23rd.How can I legally obtain this song? (Say You Don't Want It by One Night Only)?it is going to be released on iTunes on August 15 i believe.

What is the best way to get your man to be a romantic for atleast one night? And get him to do it more often?

I love my man, and I love some of the things he trys to be romantic, but they've been done, I would like him to do something on his own..?What is the best way to get your man to be a romantic for atleast one night? And get him to do it more often?If you truly love him then you probably is the best one to know how to get him romantic. But a supportive and careful girl is a turn on for me, I can say that.What is the best way to get your man to be a romantic for atleast one night? And get him to do it more often?
Hey, not everyone is original when it comes to romance.What is the best way to get your man to be a romantic for atleast one night? And get him to do it more often?stop **** ing him until he comes up with better stuff. my girl did that and i learned quick.What is the best way to get your man to be a romantic for atleast one night? And get him to do it more often?
Ask him if there is a reason he never is. Then tell him what you want, just let him know you would like it if he was a little more romantic more often. Or you make the first move, you make a romantic evening and see if he catches on.What is the best way to get your man to be a romantic for atleast one night? And get him to do it more often?Real simple. Trade him. Tell him you'll wear whatever lingerie he wants and give him the best BJ he's ever had. However, he will have to do what you want next time. Then tell him what you want. If you want him to think it up and be spontaneous, forget it. After awhile his Cro-Magnon mind will realize "If I want really hot sex, all I have to do is do some corny things sometimes." He'll then do it on his own.

Who out there thinks it is ok that a hubby had a one night stand one time?

and that he loves his it is no big deal...that the wife should just get over it and realize that everyone "makes mistakes" and that he loves the wife and that he had a bad moment in his marriage due to some unhappiness and that the wife and husband should just go on if they want to make it work? Who thinks it is or is not a big deal and that it was just sex? Who out there thinks it is ok that a hubby had a one night stand one time?I'm okay with occasional prostitutes when we're apart for a long time, but never allow one night stands. Prostitutes are just sex. One night stands are more personal.Who out there thinks it is ok that a hubby had a one night stand one time?
Slut it outWho out there thinks it is ok that a hubby had a one night stand one time?Nope. He cheated. It was more than just sex, especially is he was dissatisfied.
not ok. I think it is time to break up when that happens:鈥?/a>Who out there thinks it is ok that a hubby had a one night stand one time?it is never ok for someone to cheat on their mate, i don't care if they did it as a mistake, for just a fun time or free soda-it's wrong!Who out there thinks it is ok that a hubby had a one night stand one time?
Just sex can kill you these days.

Its a big deal on so many levels... and you have the nerve to be flip about it. SHE NEEDS TO RUN FAST
I sure don't.Who out there thinks it is ok that a hubby had a one night stand one time?
i think we are put on this earth to multiply not drama its simple
sex without love is mostly meaningless it really affects the other in a deep spiritual way
thats a pretty hurtful response to cheating. Whats to say he wont do it again if it was "just sex" clearly he doesnt feel any love for her if he would have sex for the sake of it and risk loosing her.
When you are married no matter what you need in your life, you are to turn to your spouse for that...
wow what a whore. i'd drop him on the spot.
if my husband had a one night stand he would have third degree burns from the steaming hot pot of grits i would throw on his a$$
Yeah that's totally no big deal. In fact, she should feel lucky that it was ONLY ONCE. Wow this woman really doesn't realize a good thing when she's got it does she? What a dummy. You should divorce her and find a real woman who understands the needs of a man.
It isn't right that you cheated. However, I do understand you. Sex and love are two different things. However, if you knew that would hurt your wife why did you do it if you love her?
Umm...this is so not about the sex. This is about trust. Basically, you brought this woman and every one of her partners into your bedroom. Before the one night stand, did both partners have a blood test to make sure that they were clean and did they wait 6 months to make sure that the test results were completely clear? A one night stand is never just about the sex when you are married. You betrayed the trust of your partner and her health for something you are calling meaningless.
I'll bet if the tables were turned he wouldn't think that it wasn't such a big deal! Some men have double standards that way and this guy sounds like one of him. I would advise the wife she could do better. How can she get on with her life if she's always worried about him doing it again? I would expect him to do it again, especially if he thinks its no big dea.
well i think it is more than just sex because was sex you need to have a heart to heart with your wife and consider therapy
A good friend has had multiple affairs or one night stands or whatever you want to call them. He's a great dad and is there for the wife. He tells me because he knows in our circle I'll not say a word and I don't. One time he even went to pick up his son at college and met a girl from the college at a bar. They had an evening and he took his son home the next day. The son never knew and neither does the mrs. Oh, and he uses protection so relax everyone.

My opinion is that this is entirely his business and nothing for me to be concerned about.
omg! you cheated didnt you! shame on you. no its not okay, how would the man feel if his wife slept with someone else?? somehow men think its okay that they do it, but not the woman. shocking!
it depends on your wife's point of veiw. for instance, my husband has a "pass" that since his work takes him away for long periods of time, as long as he is honest, open, wraps it up, makes it home safe, he's in the green. but otherwise, like if he lied to me about it, did it regularly or while at home, would be grounds for divorce. this man needs to tell the wife he is sorry, to err is human, but to be a pig about it is, well, egotistical and rude. sounds like someone or both parties are not taking it seriously.
it doesnt matter he cheated and thats crossing the line, the first time it happens we would be over.
i wonder how the husband would feel if it's the wife who went out and had a one night stand because of some "unhappiness". i would imagine it would not be ok with him especially if he didn't go out and cheat. and it is cheating, period, no excuses. if you are not satisfied, have the decency to break up first before you go out and have sex.

that wouldn't go over well with me. i'd boot his *** out and he can have as many one night stands as he wants, and i'll get me a better, more faithful man, not a someone who can't keep it in his pants.
First I would like to say I am sorry for what he did to you. The reason is, is because I have done the same thing to my girlfriend. The girl that I was with I knew 10 years back from high school and we started talking again and decided it would be fun to "hook up". Well we did and my gf found out. Thankfully my gf didn't leave me, but the only thing going through my mind when I was with the other girl was it was just sex. I didn't want to be with her other then that. I let myself go to far, which was VERY wrong. So like the "husband" he may love his wife to death, but just let himself go beyond the line.

I do think it IS a big deal, but I also think it was just a one time thing. Now if he does it again, then he obviously doesn't care about his wife and she should leave him. People make mistakes, that's life. Its when you learn from your mistakes that means everything!
While I understand that a one night stand doesn't have anything to do with love or even mean he doesn't love the wife, I don't think it's okay. I'd be afraid it would happen the next time we argued, or the next time there was some unhappiness. It's a really strange choice if someone wants to make the relationship work. I wouldn't be able to continue the relationship unless he would agree to counselling.
oh dear.... I could be wrong about this but by the tone of your virtual voice, am I right in thinking you have just had a huge row over this?

I agree with everyone when I say its not right, but Hubby may have a small point. Sometimes it feels good to break the rules, but only at the time, afterwards you may feel empty, guilty and useless. I guarantee this is hubby. Have you ever done something naughty only to be filled with remorse later?

I dont know how long you have been married but why throw away years for a half hour mistake (might not have even been half hour!! :-)). Its you he has had sex with for years, and you he wants to cuddle up to, share his life with. Not the other one he had a grope with.

You can move on but it will take time. You have the power to turn this around. Right now you are the better person and by learning to forgive and forget, you will contimue to be that powerful person.

I hope you sort this out.

One more thing - if he does it again, kick him hard out the door and cut up all his clothes and credit cards!!!!
It's not ok, but with therapy it may be something which they can work through and move on. It really depends on both husband and wife and their attitudes to the marriage.

Work will need to be done to help identify what happened to trigger the event and to regain trust within the relationship.

I have witnessed relationships being "fixed" and others breaking down.

I certainly dont think the wife shoul just "get over it".
Sex outside the marriage is never ok. Its harmful in soooo many ways when you get caught. Just kidding.
Once is not a crime. Most mature women know that a man needs a little on the side every once in a while.
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  • Should a One Night Stand be forgiven?

    How come a man sleeps with another woman for one night and keeps on loving his current gilrfriend? Being a woman, for me to do this would mean i am not really in love with my man. I wonder how men feel about it.Should a One Night Stand be forgiven?Women usually do not want to hear this answer but it is indeed that men are not genetically programmed for monogamy. Monogamy is merely a relatively recent value of modern societies, which has developed as women have strived for sociopolitical equality. It's really only over the last century that it has not been commonplace for those men with the wealth to sustain more than one mate and family to do this quite openly (church notwithstanding!).

    In other words, to men sex is generally not an intimate act of reaching out to a lover, forming a deep, strong and fulfilling emotional bond. In fact it's really just a particularly stimulating and compelling form of recreation. Most men would have little problem having a one-night stand with another woman whilst still loving his normal girlfriend but for the guilt of knowing that she wouldn't like it and the fear of how she may react should she discover this act she has been programmed to perceive as unfaithfulness.

    If he loves you, protects you from this and other things, treats you and your future right, forgive him.Should a One Night Stand be forgiven?
    Guys can have one night stand or many one night stands and still be in love with his girlfriend. We just get horny and we need to unload. Where as for girls, they cheat on their boyfriends for emotional needs. Guys can just have meaningless sex but most girls can't.Should a One Night Stand be forgiven?depends from person to person


    Meet new singles, if you are lonely:**
    A one night stand is entertainment, not a relationship. There are not feelings involved, just hornyness. I'd forgive a one night stand instead of a man infactuated with another women but never acting pyhsically on it.Should a One Night Stand be forgiven?It is unforgiveable.Should a One Night Stand be forgiven?
    You should not forgive him he obviously doesn't love you,its a two way street, he can't love you to be sleeping with someone else. he did it once he will do it again.dump him.
    This isn't a marriage. And even if it were, you wouldn't own the boyfriend.

    This works both ways now days. People in general don't put much value in commitment with thier girlfriends/boyfriends, or husbands and wives.

    It's possible for anyone to have a one night stand and still love thier partner in a relationship.

    Every person is different, and each of them will give a different reason for why they did it. It's a really screwed up way to be these days but that' what happens millions of times a day around the world.

    It's hurtful, and if you have someone that did this to you, you may want to consider ending the relationship. Cheaters always do it again at some future time in a relationship. That's a given.Should a One Night Stand be forgiven?
    men like variety. its an inbuilt thing with them it also gives you carte blanche to do it too. i personally would do the same and then when he knows dump him.
    weakness hang out with friends,meet girls ,you know...drinks and more happens a lot.
    depend on wat situation...
    They don't thats why they do it............
    I think it would be forgiveable. If you keep on hating its going to eat you up inside and poison the relationship you have. If you can't forgive this guy then you should end the relationship. Why would a guy do this? Maybe he could get some thing from this woman he couldn't get from you.

    Wouldnt you like to fall in Love and spend the night at some exotic location by a waterfall?

    wouldnt that be beautiful? just for one night (or two, or three....)Wouldnt you like to fall in Love and spend the night at some exotic location by a waterfall?Of course!

    Is this a competition to win such a prize?Wouldnt you like to fall in Love and spend the night at some exotic location by a waterfall?
    Kinda cheesy.

    And waterfalls are loud.

    And I picture sharp jagged rocks at the bottom.Wouldnt you like to fall in Love and spend the night at some exotic location by a waterfall?NOTHING can be more romanticWouldnt you like to fall in Love and spend the night at some exotic location by a waterfall?
    A waterfall is too wet :(Wouldnt you like to fall in Love and spend the night at some exotic location by a waterfall?Who wouldn't?! Is the real question.